Monday, October 27, 2014

7. File Opening - Part 2

Please verify you have taken all the documents needed as explained in the second post
Click Here to see: File Opening - Documents Required
You can collect the Application form from the person who is sitting inside the eye test cabin. Also he might check your documents for verification before giving the form to ensure you brought all the documents needed.

After getting your form, go to a typing centre to fill up. There is one typing centre in the second next bulding of sharjah driving institute (SDI) building, there is a gate inside the SDI compound which leads to the typing centre building.
The application form will look like this:

Then with the typed application form, go back to the first place. Then you can show the documents with the application form to the police officers sitting there to verify, once he verified you can go to the eye test and he will test. (Some times you can go to the eye test staff itself without seeing the police officer)

After eye test you have to go to the police officer with the report and have to pay 120 Dirhams here as fee. They will give you a paper with details of application, fee paid, etc

Also they will give you a book named as "Driver's Code".

Also you will get your student card which contain the details such as student name, student id, etc

Thus you have completed your File opening.!!!! Cheers!!!
Now you can join your driving classes, where you have two options, one is govt and the other is private driving schools. I will write about it in my next blog.. Thank you..

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

6. File Opening for the driving licence

Once all the documents are ready, you can open your file for your driving licence.
Once you have reached at Sharjah Driving Institute معهد الشارقة للسياقة , office

you can go straight behind the reception to reach the male section

Here is where you start, you can see two police officers sitting there and the eye test cabin is near to them.

Female section is at the right side of the reception.

See my next blog to see the application procedures.

Note: I have seen one link to apply for the licence online, but its of no use till this day that i have written my blog, let them update it to make it useful...

5. Going to the Office - Office Location

The office of the Sharjah Driving institute is at Al-Ramtha.

Sharjah Driving School Complex - Al- Nasserya. This is the place where the private driving schools you see.

4. Computer Card copy and NOC verification

Copy of computer card is required to verify the signature in the NOC. So before going to apply, please verify yourself that the sign in the NOC is same as that of the computer card copy (labor or emigration).
If the كفيل kafeel (sponsor) himself is the one who signed in the NOC, then please ignore the below part.
One of the possible things to be noted is that if the sponsor is a lady and if she has given "wakkalah" - authority of signature - to her husband or son, and if the sign in the NOC is done by the husband or the son (or the person whom she had given wakkalah), then you have to produce the copy of wakkalah and the sign sample document of the husband or son (his Emirates id or passport).
So take care to produce his emirates id (or passport or equivalent document to prove his sign) and the copy of wakkalah.

3. NOC - NO Objection Letter - Sample

The NO Objection Letter is required to verify that the sponsor grant permission for the person under him to take the driving licence. So the NOC should be produced in the Letter head of the company and the sign in the NOC should match one of the sign in the computer card copy of your company. NOC Format: There is no specific format for the NOC letter. Anyways for your convenience i will get you one NOC letter content.

For the convenience of copying i am giving the content below:

خطاب عدم الممانعة للحصول على رخصة قيادة
تاريخ : 01/10/2014
إلى: معهد الشارقة للسياقة ، بلدية ، الشارقة ، الإمارات العربية المتحدة
الموضوع : عدم ممانعة لرخصة قيادة

السيد ........................ (الجنسية – ................... - مع جواز سفر رقم …................ ) تحت رعاية منظمة …........................................... وانه يود التقدم لرخصة القيادة - مركبة  الخفيفة التلقائي / دليل. ليس لدينا أي اعتراض عليه التقدم بطلب رخصة القيادة في الإمارات العربية المتحدة.

وتفضلوا بقبول فائق الاحترام والتقدير ….......................................

2. File Opening - Documents Required for UAE Driving Licence file opening - Sharjah

The documents needed for file opening for driving licence in sharjah are as follows:

As the image depicts, the documents required are the following:

  1. NOC - No Objection Letter
  2. Computer Card Copy of the company (labor or emigration)
  3. Passport copy
  4. Trade Licence copy of the company
  5. Chamber of Commerce certificate of the company
  6. (4) Photos
  7. Emirates ID copy
See the next post for NOC.

1. UAE Driving Licence

Its always every man's dream to have a driving licence so that he can fly like a free bird, but most of them dont know the steps to apply for it and the procedures required. Even at the time of applying, i knew nothing, nobody gave me a clear picture. So i hope this blog will help you apply for driving licence in sharjah. Lets drive together :)
This is a simple guide line to take United Arab Emirates Driving Licence from Sharjah.

A person having Sharjah Visa can only apply for driving licence in sharjah, people with dubai visa can apply in dubai, people with Ajman visa can apply in Ajman, etc. Also a person with any emirate visa can apply in abudhabi.
Also if you are having sharjah visa and your company has a branch in dubai too, then you will be able to apply in dubai even if your visa is stamped in sharjah or any other emirate.