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Roundabouts are one of the most important part of the traffic. There are different kinds of roundabouts in UAE. Some round about are 3 street junction, some are 4 street junction, some are 5 street junction. Also these joining streets also might have different lane number. For example, two lane street entering to a round about may exit to a two lane or a three lane. Some of them are illustrated below:

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17. Collecting the Licence

Collecting licence is not that easy. You may have to wait for 3-7 days. You have to inquire about this at the fourth counter from left side of the reception in SDI.

You have to bring 2 passport size photos, student id, emirates id and passport on the day you come for collecting the licence.  Once you submit your pass paper, they will give some papers to you.
You have to go to the Drivers Testing department - its the next building on the right side of SDI building - with these papers.

In Drivers Testing Department,

Drivers Testing Department -

You have to go the "Issuance of Licence" counter

issuance of Licence -

A policeman might be sitting in the counter, you have to submit these papers and one passport size photo to him. Then he will call you when its your turn in the queue. You have to pay around 550 AED for the licence. Once the print is ready, you will receive your valid UAE Driving Licence. Cheers!!!

UAE Driving Licence -
UAE Driving Licence

16. Final Test

Final Test is always filled with curiosity. Each and every one wants to pass and get licence. Only a few of them appear for the test without tension. Many people who are experts in driving, fails the final test only because of their tension. So be brave, drive as you drive normally.

You will get a sms when your name is enrolled for the test. Through this sms, they will inform the date and time of the test. You have to reach on time and wait in the waiting area. The officers will call out the names. Sometimes 3 or 4 candidates will have their tests in a single trip. Mostly one police officer will be invigilating the test. Sometimes there might be more than one officer.

Please note that to appear for the final test, you have to pay full amount of practical classes (3000 Dirhams) Only then will your name be enrolled in to the final test. Also you cant pay the fee for final test on the same day you pay the second installment of road class. You have to wait for another working day.

This happened to me. After passing pre-test, i went to pay for the final test, it was on a thursday. But at that time i had not paid the second installment as i passed the pre-test in around 20 classes. But they did not allow me to pay for the final test before paying second installment. Then i gave him the cash for both second installment and final test. But the cashier said i could pay for the final test only after one day of paying second installment!!! Then i paid second installment. Later on saturday, i went to pay the final test fee and took my token - token no was 44. So when it was my turn, the cashier told me to come on the next day saying test fee cant be paid on saturdays!!! I wasted all my time waiting in the queue!!!

Some of the following are tested in the final test:

1. Shifting gears (If you select manual gear)
2. Parking the vehicles and its position during entering and leaving
3. Reflex road movement
4. Turning Left and Right
5. Use of mirrors
6. Violation of traffic signs and pedestrian crossing
7. Emergency stopping
8. Downshifting (If you have selected manual gear)
9. Concentration during driving
10. Controlling the vehicle up and down hill.
11. Entering turns ( U-turns)
12. Keeping the traffic lane
13. Controlling the vehicle during driving.
14. Entering from side road to a main road
15. Changing Lanes
16. Overtaking and going back to the original lane
17. Entering in roundabouts and junctions.
18. Keep safe distance from vehicles and pavements
19. Looking above shoulder level
20. Driving below and above speed limit

You have to keep your emirates id and student id with you while appearing for the final test.
Failed students should pay AED 85 for next test appointment. Also it costs AED 100 for the next test.

15. Pre-Test

If you drive well on roads, your trainer could suggest your name for Pre-Test. Mostly Pre-Tests are conducted by a Police Officer or a Senior Instructor. People call the Pre-Test as "Kacha" Test and Final Test as "Pakka" Test

Some of the following are tested during the Pre-Test.

1. Shifting gears (If you select manual gear)
2. Parking the vehicles and its position during entering and leaving
3. Reflex road movement
4. Turning Left and Right
5. Use of mirrors
6. Violation of traffic signs and pedestrian crossing
7. Emergency stopping
8. Downshifting (If you have selected manual gear)
9. Concentration during driving
10. Controlling the vehicle up and down hill.
11. Entering turns ( U-turns)
12. Keeping the traffic lane
13. Controlling the vehicle during driving.
14. Entering from side road to a main road
15. Changing Lanes
16. Overtaking and going back to the original lane
17. Entering in roundabouts and junctions.
18. Keep safe distance from vehicles and pavements
19. Looking above shoulder level
20. Driving below and above speed limit

While driving they might check any of these and if you perform well for that, you will pass the test.

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14. Yard Test

Once you have learned to drive safely with proper control of the vehicle, you will be given the Yard Test.
The following are tested in the Yard Test. As Parking is one of the major criteria of this test, many people call Yard Test as Parking Test.

1. Shifting gears and clutch (If you select manual gear)
2. Parking (90-120-side)
3. Turning Left and Right
4. Downshifting (If you have selected manual gear)
5. Controlling the vehicle up and down hill.
6. Entering turns ( U-turns)
7. Entering from side road to main road
8. Changing Lanes
9. Entering in roundabouts.

You have to pay 100 Dirhams for Yard Test. Mostly Yard Test is conducted by Senior Instructors.

The main thing you should avoid while attending the test is "Tension". Many people fail just because of their 'Tension' not because they dont perform well.

13. Road Classes

Once you have passed the Yard Test, you could start the road classes. In road class, you are driving through the roads of UAE just as other drivers do. So you should be brave enough to drive on real situation and  should properly control the vehicle. Especially in highways, you should speed up the vehicle and in limited speed roads, you have to reduce the speed.

One of the main thing you should take care of are 'roundabouts'. There are different types of roundabouts. Some of them are listed Here.

When your trainer certifies you as a good learned driver, he can give your name for Pre-Test.
If you are an experienced driver and your trainer is ok with you, then you can get Pre-Test in around 10- 20 classes on the road.
Also please note that even if you pass the first pre-test and first final test in 25-30 class,  you will have to pay the full amount for practical classes. i.e, 3000 Dirhams for 50 classes. The amount wont be refunded. Even if you pay the fee as two installments, [1800 (30 classes) + 1200 (20 classes) = 3000 AED], and even if you have passed the Pre-test before 30 classes, still you would have to pay the remaining fee for 20 classes.

12. Yard Classes

After you have passed the theory exam, you have to register for getting an appointment to start the practical classes. Mostly, you have to go and ask more than once to get the appointment fast. Else they may keep delaying as there are hundreds of students in the queue.

Once you get an appointment, you have to select your timing and the language, if there is any vacancy available, you can choose that timing and the available instructor. Once you got the schedule you can start the yard classes. Also they will write the timing and instructor name on your student card.

In a week you will get around 3 classes in govt SDI, (Sun, Tue and Thu) or (Sat, Mon and Wed). Also if any other student is absent or not available you may get extra classes. Each practical class in SDI lasts for max of 40 minutes, you can select through the available timings from morning around 6'O clock to night. The trainers are worked as two shifts, one starting at 6am to 1.30pm and other 2pm to night. So depending on your selection, you will get a trainer available in that shift.

If you get a good trainer, you are lucky. Especially he is the one who teaches you safe driving and correct your mistakes and make you a perfect driver. Also if you get a good trainer, you may get class around 30-40 mints. I remember in my case, the trainer used to start after 10 mints and used to stop before 5-10 mints. So i used to get only 20-25 mints :(

Regarding the fee of practical classes, check what we have already discussed in Fee Structure.

Once you start the yard class, you can enjoy the driving, really, you are driving now :)
Yard is the place inside the sharjah driving institute (SDI). Before you go out to roads, you have to learn some basic driving skill, right? Yard Classes meant for it. If you know driving already, you can get the Yard Test in a few classes, may be in 5 - 10 classes. Yard Test is commonly known as Parking Test. Read more about the Yard Test Here.

Once you pass the Yard Test, you can start your road classes.

11. Theory Test

After attending 5 theory classes, you can appear for the theory test. This test follows multiple choice question pattern (Objective type) and will be conducted on a computer. One need not be an expert in computer usage. It just needs very basic knowledge of using mouse and clicking any button.

In Sharjah, there are 25 objective type questions, you will get 20 minutes to answer them. Once you have started, you wont be able to stop the timer, so you need to complete the questions in 20 mints. Attend each one by one, and go to the next. You have to select one of the answers before you go for the next. So a common mistake what people make is that they spend much time thinking when a difficult question is being attended, and they wont get enough time to answer easy questions coming up later. You have to submit the data before you reach 20 minutes. So leave the difficult questions by selecting the most appropriate answer and come back to the difficult ones once you finish the remaining questions. If the time allows after finishing all the questions, then come back to the previous questions to recheck them, especially the ones that you felt difficult. Then you can click on submit button and you can see the result on the screen.

If you get 18 or more answers correct out of 25 you will pass the test. You can see the result with a smiling "smiley" if you pass: ":)"

As in the image, the result will show total elapsed time, Total no. of Questions, Count of Correct Answers and Incorrect Answers, Percentage and Final Result.

Also you will receive a sms mostly on the same day saying:
"Dear ............, your exam result for theory done on -dated- is pass"

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10. Theory Classes

In theory classes you study about traffic laws. It consists of 5 classes, each one takes about one hour. You have to attend 5 classes from sunday to thursday. Once you have completed 5 classes, you will be able to attend theory test the next Saturday.
If you miss any of the classes, you will have to attend the same day class in the next week. For eg if you couldnt attend a class on monday, you will have to attend it the next Monday, only after which you can appear for the theory test the next saturday. So if you miss a class, the test will be delayed by one week.

Theory Classes are mainly based on two books which are provided at the time of registration.
Book 1: Driver's Code

Book 2: Driver's Manual

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9. Fee Structure for taking UAE Driving Licence

How much is the expense for taking driving licence in UAE?
What would be the total amount at the end?
Here are the rates for reference. The rates might change from time to time, anyways i am pertaining the charges for manual gear light vehicle driving licence application, as on Jan 1, 2015. I opted govt driving school, so the rates for private might change a little. All rates are given in AED.

Approximate Rates

Description Rates in AED
FILE Opening Application 120
Typing Charges in the typing centre if any (Approx.) 25
Typing Charges - Application for Govt SDI if opted for Govt  (Approx.) 30
Registration (75) and Traffic Book (25) 100
Theory 500
Practical Class Charges (50 Class)
*can be paid as two installment (1800 + 1200)
Yard Test100
Pre-Test (Kacha)100
Final Test (Packa) 100
Licence Issuing Charge 550
Total Around 4600 AED (if passed all tests in first attempt)

Also for those who fail in a test has to pay the required test fee again. If you fail for the final test, then you have to pay around 185 Dhs for the next chance.

And it was surprising that i passed all the tests in my first attempt itself (isn't it great?),
so i dont know much about the details of failed attempts. So if anybody knows any more details can comment below.

In private driving schools, for practical classes, you need not pay full amount at once, rather need to pay 60 AED per class (the amount may vary for different driving schools).

8. Govt or Private Driving School? Which one will you opt for driving classes???

As for the driving classes, there are two options available, one is govt driving school and the other is private driving schools. Both has its own benefits. Some of them are given below. Some of the points may vary from person to person. Anyway for the general awareness, you can see them as below:

Govt: Sharjah Driving Institute (SDI)

  • Fully Govt, no private sector involvement
  • Classes starts from SDI and ends at SDI (each class consists of 40 mints max)
  • The person has to reach SDI on his own means of transportation
  • Generally its known that they easily passes the test
  • Sometimes it takes time to get allotted as you might be in the waiting list. Some times you may have to wait for months.
  • Must pay fee for 50 classes even if you have passed much before 50th class.
  • Good and experienced trainers available
  • Both Male and Female Trainers are available

Pvt Sector Driving Schools

  • There are different private driving schools available
  • They will come and pick from your place for the road classes if its feasible for them.
  • Need to pay for only the number of classes you attend. For eg if you pass by 30 classes, you need to pay for that many classes only
  • Both Male and Female Trainers are available depending on the driving school you opt.

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7. File Opening - Part 2

Please verify you have taken all the documents needed as explained in the second post
Click Here to see: File Opening - Documents Required
You can collect the Application form from the person who is sitting inside the eye test cabin. Also he might check your documents for verification before giving the form to ensure you brought all the documents needed.

After getting your form, go to a typing centre to fill up. There is one typing centre in the second next bulding of sharjah driving institute (SDI) building, there is a gate inside the SDI compound which leads to the typing centre building.
The application form will look like this:

Then with the typed application form, go back to the first place. Then you can show the documents with the application form to the police officers sitting there to verify, once he verified you can go to the eye test and he will test. (Some times you can go to the eye test staff itself without seeing the police officer)

After eye test you have to go to the police officer with the report and have to pay 120 Dirhams here as fee. They will give you a paper with details of application, fee paid, etc

Also they will give you a book named as "Driver's Code".

Also you will get your student card which contain the details such as student name, student id, etc

Thus you have completed your File opening.!!!! Cheers!!!
Now you can join your driving classes, where you have two options, one is govt and the other is private driving schools. I will write about it in my next blog.. Thank you..

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6. File Opening for the driving licence

Once all the documents are ready, you can open your file for your driving licence.
Once you have reached at Sharjah Driving Institute معهد الشارقة للسياقة , office

you can go straight behind the reception to reach the male section

Here is where you start, you can see two police officers sitting there and the eye test cabin is near to them.

Female section is at the right side of the reception.

See my next blog to see the application procedures.

Note: I have seen one link to apply for the licence online, but its of no use till this day that i have written my blog, let them update it to make it useful...

5. Going to the Office - Office Location

The office of the Sharjah Driving institute is at Al-Ramtha.

Sharjah Driving School Complex - Al- Nasserya. This is the place where the private driving schools you see.

4. Computer Card copy and NOC verification

Copy of computer card is required to verify the signature in the NOC. So before going to apply, please verify yourself that the sign in the NOC is same as that of the computer card copy (labor or emigration).
If the كفيل kafeel (sponsor) himself is the one who signed in the NOC, then please ignore the below part.
One of the possible things to be noted is that if the sponsor is a lady and if she has given "wakkalah" - authority of signature - to her husband or son, and if the sign in the NOC is done by the husband or the son (or the person whom she had given wakkalah), then you have to produce the copy of wakkalah and the sign sample document of the husband or son (his Emirates id or passport).
So take care to produce his emirates id (or passport or equivalent document to prove his sign) and the copy of wakkalah.

3. NOC - NO Objection Letter - Sample

The NO Objection Letter is required to verify that the sponsor grant permission for the person under him to take the driving licence. So the NOC should be produced in the Letter head of the company and the sign in the NOC should match one of the sign in the computer card copy of your company. NOC Format: There is no specific format for the NOC letter. Anyways for your convenience i will get you one NOC letter content.

For the convenience of copying i am giving the content below:

خطاب عدم الممانعة للحصول على رخصة قيادة
تاريخ : 01/10/2014
إلى: معهد الشارقة للسياقة ، بلدية ، الشارقة ، الإمارات العربية المتحدة
الموضوع : عدم ممانعة لرخصة قيادة

السيد ........................ (الجنسية – ................... - مع جواز سفر رقم …................ ) تحت رعاية منظمة …........................................... وانه يود التقدم لرخصة القيادة - مركبة  الخفيفة التلقائي / دليل. ليس لدينا أي اعتراض عليه التقدم بطلب رخصة القيادة في الإمارات العربية المتحدة.

وتفضلوا بقبول فائق الاحترام والتقدير ….......................................

2. File Opening - Documents Required for UAE Driving Licence file opening - Sharjah

The documents needed for file opening for driving licence in sharjah are as follows:

As the image depicts, the documents required are the following:

  1. NOC - No Objection Letter
  2. Computer Card Copy of the company (labor or emigration)
  3. Passport copy
  4. Trade Licence copy of the company
  5. Chamber of Commerce certificate of the company
  6. (4) Photos
  7. Emirates ID copy
See the next post for NOC.

1. UAE Driving Licence

Its always every man's dream to have a driving licence so that he can fly like a free bird, but most of them dont know the steps to apply for it and the procedures required. Even at the time of applying, i knew nothing, nobody gave me a clear picture. So i hope this blog will help you apply for driving licence in sharjah. Lets drive together :)
This is a simple guide line to take United Arab Emirates Driving Licence from Sharjah.

A person having Sharjah Visa can only apply for driving licence in sharjah, people with dubai visa can apply in dubai, people with Ajman visa can apply in Ajman, etc. Also a person with any emirate visa can apply in abudhabi.
Also if you are having sharjah visa and your company has a branch in dubai too, then you will be able to apply in dubai even if your visa is stamped in sharjah or any other emirate.