Sunday, April 19, 2015

13. Road Classes

Once you have passed the Yard Test, you could start the road classes. In road class, you are driving through the roads of UAE just as other drivers do. So you should be brave enough to drive on real situation and  should properly control the vehicle. Especially in highways, you should speed up the vehicle and in limited speed roads, you have to reduce the speed.

One of the main thing you should take care of are 'roundabouts'. There are different types of roundabouts. Some of them are listed Here.

When your trainer certifies you as a good learned driver, he can give your name for Pre-Test.
If you are an experienced driver and your trainer is ok with you, then you can get Pre-Test in around 10- 20 classes on the road.
Also please note that even if you pass the first pre-test and first final test in 25-30 class,  you will have to pay the full amount for practical classes. i.e, 3000 Dirhams for 50 classes. The amount wont be refunded. Even if you pay the fee as two installments, [1800 (30 classes) + 1200 (20 classes) = 3000 AED], and even if you have passed the Pre-test before 30 classes, still you would have to pay the remaining fee for 20 classes.


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