Sunday, April 19, 2015

12. Yard Classes

After you have passed the theory exam, you have to register for getting an appointment to start the practical classes. Mostly, you have to go and ask more than once to get the appointment fast. Else they may keep delaying as there are hundreds of students in the queue.

Once you get an appointment, you have to select your timing and the language, if there is any vacancy available, you can choose that timing and the available instructor. Once you got the schedule you can start the yard classes. Also they will write the timing and instructor name on your student card.

In a week you will get around 3 classes in govt SDI, (Sun, Tue and Thu) or (Sat, Mon and Wed). Also if any other student is absent or not available you may get extra classes. Each practical class in SDI lasts for max of 40 minutes, you can select through the available timings from morning around 6'O clock to night. The trainers are worked as two shifts, one starting at 6am to 1.30pm and other 2pm to night. So depending on your selection, you will get a trainer available in that shift.

If you get a good trainer, you are lucky. Especially he is the one who teaches you safe driving and correct your mistakes and make you a perfect driver. Also if you get a good trainer, you may get class around 30-40 mints. I remember in my case, the trainer used to start after 10 mints and used to stop before 5-10 mints. So i used to get only 20-25 mints :(

Regarding the fee of practical classes, check what we have already discussed in Fee Structure.

Once you start the yard class, you can enjoy the driving, really, you are driving now :)
Yard is the place inside the sharjah driving institute (SDI). Before you go out to roads, you have to learn some basic driving skill, right? Yard Classes meant for it. If you know driving already, you can get the Yard Test in a few classes, may be in 5 - 10 classes. Yard Test is commonly known as Parking Test. Read more about the Yard Test Here.

Once you pass the Yard Test, you can start your road classes.


  1. Hi
    this is Naresh, i have finished my theory classes on AUG/2016 in SDI till now i haven't receive any msg or call in the mean time i have visited twice SDI to inquire but their only reply is to wait till i receive call or msg from them .

    So, still i have to wait for how many months and my friends are advising to change my file to private institute.

    But my choice is to go with government institute.

  2. If i want to take daily one class. Possible? If Possible Please tell me the procedure.

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