Sunday, April 19, 2015

11. Theory Test

After attending 5 theory classes, you can appear for the theory test. This test follows multiple choice question pattern (Objective type) and will be conducted on a computer. One need not be an expert in computer usage. It just needs very basic knowledge of using mouse and clicking any button.

In Sharjah, there are 25 objective type questions, you will get 20 minutes to answer them. Once you have started, you wont be able to stop the timer, so you need to complete the questions in 20 mints. Attend each one by one, and go to the next. You have to select one of the answers before you go for the next. So a common mistake what people make is that they spend much time thinking when a difficult question is being attended, and they wont get enough time to answer easy questions coming up later. You have to submit the data before you reach 20 minutes. So leave the difficult questions by selecting the most appropriate answer and come back to the difficult ones once you finish the remaining questions. If the time allows after finishing all the questions, then come back to the previous questions to recheck them, especially the ones that you felt difficult. Then you can click on submit button and you can see the result on the screen.

If you get 18 or more answers correct out of 25 you will pass the test. You can see the result with a smiling "smiley" if you pass: ":)"

As in the image, the result will show total elapsed time, Total no. of Questions, Count of Correct Answers and Incorrect Answers, Percentage and Final Result.

Also you will receive a sms mostly on the same day saying:
"Dear ............, your exam result for theory done on -dated- is pass"


  1. Mr. Anshad, You can apply for the License.. there is no objections for applying Driving License for any profession.

  2. Hi i hope all is well with you. after pass the theory classes can we give the direct try with out practical classes because i i know the driving but i don't have before license.

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  4. I am all ready give exm.4 time but not pass

  5. DEar Blogger,

    Can you able to say whether i am able to change my license file after opening in Sharjah to Abu Dhabi.

  6. any one can guide me how to apply Bike driving licence in Abu dhbai

  7. sir
    if i apply with my indian driving licence..what are the procedures..and can i get direct road test without attending any mandatory practical classes? and how much time it will take from begning i mean file opening to test?

  8. Sir,
    same symbol i got it and the same day they said your passed also but still I am waiting for the class it almost 6 month finished i don't no why please help me friends what is the solution for this

  9. For bike license you have to open file after this you have to pay 860aed for theory classes lectures & exam test.After passing exams you have to face a test drive in the same ofs after that they will decide that you are in which level
    Advance(the best 1 because at this level u hv to pay less fee)
    After paving paying fee u have to take some more classes then u have to face the final test drive.i u pass the driving test then yu can get the license after paying license certificate charges

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