Monday, April 20, 2015

16. Final Test

Final Test is always filled with curiosity. Each and every one wants to pass and get licence. Only a few of them appear for the test without tension. Many people who are experts in driving, fails the final test only because of their tension. So be brave, drive as you drive normally.

You will get a sms when your name is enrolled for the test. Through this sms, they will inform the date and time of the test. You have to reach on time and wait in the waiting area. The officers will call out the names. Sometimes 3 or 4 candidates will have their tests in a single trip. Mostly one police officer will be invigilating the test. Sometimes there might be more than one officer.

Please note that to appear for the final test, you have to pay full amount of practical classes (3000 Dirhams) Only then will your name be enrolled in to the final test. Also you cant pay the fee for final test on the same day you pay the second installment of road class. You have to wait for another working day.

This happened to me. After passing pre-test, i went to pay for the final test, it was on a thursday. But at that time i had not paid the second installment as i passed the pre-test in around 20 classes. But they did not allow me to pay for the final test before paying second installment. Then i gave him the cash for both second installment and final test. But the cashier said i could pay for the final test only after one day of paying second installment!!! Then i paid second installment. Later on saturday, i went to pay the final test fee and took my token - token no was 44. So when it was my turn, the cashier told me to come on the next day saying test fee cant be paid on saturdays!!! I wasted all my time waiting in the queue!!!

Some of the following are tested in the final test:

1. Shifting gears (If you select manual gear)
2. Parking the vehicles and its position during entering and leaving
3. Reflex road movement
4. Turning Left and Right
5. Use of mirrors
6. Violation of traffic signs and pedestrian crossing
7. Emergency stopping
8. Downshifting (If you have selected manual gear)
9. Concentration during driving
10. Controlling the vehicle up and down hill.
11. Entering turns ( U-turns)
12. Keeping the traffic lane
13. Controlling the vehicle during driving.
14. Entering from side road to a main road
15. Changing Lanes
16. Overtaking and going back to the original lane
17. Entering in roundabouts and junctions.
18. Keep safe distance from vehicles and pavements
19. Looking above shoulder level
20. Driving below and above speed limit

You have to keep your emirates id and student id with you while appearing for the final test.
Failed students should pay AED 85 for next test appointment. Also it costs AED 100 for the next test.


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    1. Large penalty I'm afraid. 5000 dirhams I think

  3. HI, i am from the U.S. I have previously had a drivers license there since 2001.... To your knowledge would i have to start the whole process since my license expired Nov. 14th 2015 and take the classes, written test and practical driving test? thanks

  4. HI, i am from the U.S. I have previously had a drivers license there since 2001.... To your knowledge would i have to start the whole process since my license expired Nov. 14th 2015 and take the classes, written test and practical driving test? thanks

  5. What i been cancelled ? Still i can go for my roadtest? Or i need to find new job first?

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