Sunday, April 12, 2015

10. Theory Classes

In theory classes you study about traffic laws. It consists of 5 classes, each one takes about one hour. You have to attend 5 classes from sunday to thursday. Once you have completed 5 classes, you will be able to attend theory test the next Saturday.
If you miss any of the classes, you will have to attend the same day class in the next week. For eg if you couldnt attend a class on monday, you will have to attend it the next Monday, only after which you can appear for the theory test the next saturday. So if you miss a class, the test will be delayed by one week.

Theory Classes are mainly based on two books which are provided at the time of registration.
Book 1: Driver's Code

Book 2: Driver's Manual


  1. Hello my name is Nithin. I register for driving licence today(05/04/2016)
    in sharjah driving institute. but now i want to change it to any private driving institute. can i change?

    1. Hi nithin. Where did u reg for dl. And did they give u the date for your theory class?

    2. Hi, I would like to know can i take the theory classes in a day? is that possible?

    3. Hi, I would like to know can i take the theory classes in a day? is that possible?

    4. Assalamualaikum,Hi i am delowar ... that i am pass theory class 23/07/16 ...BUT when my start driving test? How long will I have to wait for start driving...

  2. Actually on Saturday I got theory test they said first batch 6:30 but the thing evening or morning please reply ASAP

  3. My name Mohammed Shareef ..Finish thoeary test pass..Still waiting for driving class...How many time taking..Pls rply..Theory exam 14 01 17 finish...

  4. Hi,
    What is the theory class timing of sharjah gove SDI?

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