Sunday, April 19, 2015

14. Yard Test

Once you have learned to drive safely with proper control of the vehicle, you will be given the Yard Test.
The following are tested in the Yard Test. As Parking is one of the major criteria of this test, many people call Yard Test as Parking Test.

1. Shifting gears and clutch (If you select manual gear)
2. Parking (90-120-side)
3. Turning Left and Right
4. Downshifting (If you have selected manual gear)
5. Controlling the vehicle up and down hill.
6. Entering turns ( U-turns)
7. Entering from side road to main road
8. Changing Lanes
9. Entering in roundabouts.

You have to pay 100 Dirhams for Yard Test. Mostly Yard Test is conducted by Senior Instructors.

The main thing you should avoid while attending the test is "Tension". Many people fail just because of their 'Tension' not because they dont perform well.

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