Monday, April 20, 2015


Roundabouts are one of the most important part of the traffic. There are different kinds of roundabouts in UAE. Some round about are 3 street junction, some are 4 street junction, some are 5 street junction. Also these joining streets also might have different lane number. For example, two lane street entering to a round about may exit to a two lane or a three lane. Some of them are illustrated below:

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  1. Hello Admin
    i got driving license one year back. But still i am confusing while driving in some of sharjah roundabout ( Post office Roundabout).

    In post office Roundabout, there are 5 tracks.. but the entry road has 2 track..

    Suppose if i am in slow track in the entry section, which all track i can enter into the roundabout ( as roundabout has 5 tracks).. Similarly if i am in fast track , which all track i can enter...

    Kindly advice

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  4. Date come on my reneweal driving licience